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The Gospel of Anarchy: A Novel by Justin Taylor My rating: 4 of 5 stars We almost read this book in August for our bookclub. Many of my fellow bookclubbians said that it sounded interesting, but we wound up with Kurt Vonnegut instead. I am glad that I chose to read this book on my own volition this month, and I found it to have a soothing voice and driving plot. Justin Taylor gives equal attention to his characters and his plot, so in the end, you are not left 'missing' the characters, as many books leave you, but instead glad that you got to follow them for this ride in their lives. It seems he's chosen the right pathway to lead his reader down into the lives of the folks at Fishgut. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in anarchy, religion, the intersection of the two, Florida, punk rock, college towns, or just humanity in general. It is an exploration of all those themes and more, and it's very well written. View all my reviews Above is my review

Gigantic Sequins does Google Gravity

For the past ten/fifteen minutes or so, I've been having fun with Google Gravity. You can, too! 1) Go to Google and type 'Google Gravity'. 2) Click on the 1st result that appears i.e. Google Gravity 3) Wait 2 seconds. Something cool will happen-- 4) Play with it for a while. 5) Then write any word in the Google search bar and press Enter. (I chose " Gigantic Sequins ". It was a good choice!) 6) Wait and see. Cool things happen again! 7) Share this with your friends! ____________________________________________________ Here are some pictures from the fun I had...

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Being a Teenager During September 11th, 2001: Irony, Poetry, and History Making

I had known all along that I didn’t want to be a journalist. I had known it early in high school, after the school newspaper’s Levendis editor assigned me my first Arts & Entertainment article on Pok√®mon. I discovered then that I didn’t like talking to people who I didn’t know. But there I was, early in my senior year of high school, 8 th period, alongside my fellow Arts & Entertainment editors Mark and Chris. It was September 11 th , 2001, and earlier that day, during 2 nd period, our entire school had listened over the loudspeakers to the news from New York City, live, including hearing the reaction of the broadcasters as the second tower fell. I had been surprised to see my peers pulling cell phones from their bags to call to see if their parents who worked in the area were okay—kids my age had cell phones? Parents from Cherry Hill, NJ travelled all the way to New York City for work? In the middle of the day, we watched the repeated footage of the towers afla