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MUSIC! ART! Jan. 12th @ Philadelphia Sculpture Gym

I am hosting this show. Well, put "hosting" in quotation marks. I book it & I'm helping promote it. It's going to be awesome: RSVP via fb here . Because of snow, the PSG gallery opening originally scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled for this day! So it should be a blast! It's an art opening/music menagerie! I'm excited.

Books Read :: November & December

So, to round up 2013, I read some books. I've decided that for 2013, I am going to go back to making it my goal to read at least 52 books for the year. This is one book/week, and I made it happen in 2012 and believe I can do it again for 2014. So I'll be counting towards that goal again each month when I blog about what I read starting at the end of January. I also am going to do this "A Year in Reading Suggestions" that I found via twitter/tumblr. I've already picked my book for January! So here's to looking ahead. And, here's to looking back at what I read these past two months... The Explanation for Everything by Lauren Grodstein I really liked this book. I read it quickly because I was interested in what was going to happen to the characters. I feel like I had a good idea where the story was going to wind up, but I wasn't 100% sure how we were going to get there. Forgiveness and questioning pre-conceived notions were important themes and Fig