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PHILALALIA: Unofficial List of Off-Site Events [9/25-27]

I've been doing social media for the upcoming art/lit/small press/poetry extravaganza PHILALALIA, where Gigantic Sequins will be tabling AND co-hosting an on-site event as well as kicking off the first "official" off-site event of the event at Tattooed Moms along with Philadelphia Review of Books and The Head & the Hand Press.  The on-site events' schedule is on the official PHILALALIA site , and each and every one of them is FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. So please come out to the book fair and make some time to stop by one or more of the great on-site events. I am of course partial to the GS/Apiary reading, looking forward to the Temple Contemporary Publication Studio Presentation and their event Thursday night featuring the Poet Laureate and Youth Poet Laureate of Philly, and how can you go wrong with Eileen Myles Potluck Brunch? You just can't. There's so much great lit-ness happening during the 3-day period of the whole shabang, though, that I wa

Books Read July/August

I went on vacation a lot in the beginning of August and somehow never posted about the books I read in July, so now I get to do a double post where I write about two months of reading! Summer reading at that! Something I did this summer that this blog nor Goodreads doesn't calculate is reread a bunch. In late August, I finished rereading the Neil Gaiman Sandman series, which I began doing back in February, and I also reread the Harry Potter series this summer, finishing that in July-- literally a few days before the "new" Rowling piece went live via Pottermore and the internet went nuts. It was really special to reread the series, and I was so enamored with it again I intend to do so every 7 years if I remember. But without further ado... BOOKS READ IN 2014 SO FAR ACCORDING TO GOODREADS: 29/52 JULY An Untamed State by Roxane Gay This was on my list of " Books I Will Read This Summer ", so I read it. I bought it after hearing Roxane read from the first c