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dream sequence of books read

My summer has been fast and busy. I didn't get much reading done in June due to my two week trip to Egypt, so I decided to combine June and July. books read: June & July The Pyramids: Great Mysteries of Archeology by M.R. Luberto Lots of pictures and short paragraphs and information from all over the historical, religious and archeological perspectives and opinions about the facts and fictions and mysteries of the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World left standing. The Romantic Dogs by Roberto Bolaño Good as a companion piece to his other books, but perhaps they all work together like that anyway. Bolaño believed more in the genre of poetry than in the genre of fiction, yet his fiction leaves a longer impression than his poetry. Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi The original before Disney got their hands on it version of the little wooden puppet. The original Pinocchio is a little brat who by the end deserves to be a real boy, but much like St.

event this friday to check out!

ME: Looking for some amazing thing to do Friday the 17th ? YOU: Well, in fact, and thank you for asking, I AM looking for only amazing things to do Friday the 17th . ME: Well, you are lucky that you know me, then. YOU: You know of something amazing? ME: Do I ever. YOU: Do tell. ME: Have you ever heard of THE SUPERMACHINE POETRY SERIES?! YOU: I want to! ME: Well, here is your chance! On Friday the 17th THE SUPERMACHINE (OF) POETRY SERIES will be presenting AN EVENING OF DRAMATIC, COMEDIC, AND QUESTIONABLE STAGED READINGS! YOU: That sounds great! Will it be featuring work by Theresa and Dale Buchheister, Sarah Graalman, Jerrod Bogard, Shonni Enelow, Dylan Jackson and Lori Payne? ME: Yes! YOU: Is it free! ME: But of course! YOU: Where the hell is this amazing thing!? ME: THE OUTPOST LOUNGE! In Brooklyn! YOU: What time? ME: 8 PM! YOU: Can I get more info? ME: Yes! Check out or http://supermachinepoetry. blogspot