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busy as a bumblebee

i have officially handed in my masters thesis / special project to the NYU English department and hope that i will pass and therefore graduate, well, today. commencement is today. therefore, as far as i know, i have earned my MA from NYU in English. yes, and i still do not like to write using capital letters. because of my insanely busy April schedule that bled into March, (masters thesis, issue 1.1 of Gigantic Sequins release and release parties, etc.) i thought i wouldn't be able to read much, but i wound up finishing more books than i thought i would. books read: april Cultural Theory & Popular Culture: An Introduction by John Storey I read this for my thesis to get a better background of cultural theory from a British point of view. It was effective, except I wish I had gotten through the middle of it quicker than it took me because all of the more interesting and pertinent points of view came towards the end. I learned some new names and relearned some older ones.