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Books Read :: May-June 2013

A squirrel and a bird are having a conversation outside of my window. They don't sound too angry yet, it hasn't escalated, but they don't sound happy, either. Now, they stopped. Here are the books I read, and a little bit about them, in May and June 2013: Double Game by Sophie Calle I had this shelved under "fiction" because I received it during my Birthday Book Club in 2012 from a fiction writer, LaTanya McQueen. It's a beautiful object of a book, with ribbon to tie its illustrated hardcover binding together, semi-glossed pages, and pictures galore. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose "fiction". In reality, I need a sort of "art book" section on my shelves-- though art books tend to be taller and more "cofeetablebook"-like, this would definitely classify itself as an art book. The "double game" is Sophie Calle removing herself sharing the reality of a fiction written about her and then reinventing hers