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AWP Wrap-up

Well, I still haven't been able to get together all of the "names" missing from my last post, and I fear it will be too late if I ever get the motivation to do so-- not because I am, generally, a lazy person, but because I have the flu, or something flu-like, that is a persistent drainer of all of my energy and ability to concentrate. This being said, the last day of AWP, Saturday, was a success for me. I finally did an extensive stroll through the bookfair, I bought a book, I promised I would buy other books, I picked up a million flyers, and I both talked to and took photos of some fabulous people. All of my AWP photos can be found on my facebook page in an album called AWP 2011 DC: capitol letters . That's the public link, so you should be able to access it there. After dinner, we went to the Black Squirrel for the Megareading, of which we missed most, but got to hear the lovely Christie Ann Reynolds and the fabulous Matt Hart (who killed it.) We proceeded to Che

AWP Days 2 & 3

Our reading on Wednesday night (Day 1) went better than I thought it could. All of the readers and editors were friendly, everyone read very well, and I enjoyed meeting Darren and getting to see Jeff. Thanks again to Folio and Phoebe and especially to Big Lucks for letting Gigantic Sequins be the "Plus" in the "Local Plus" reading event. Day 2 Having not drank entirely too much on Wednesday night, we made it to the bookfair by about 9:30. I went to my first panel on WAMfest, a words and music festival put together by Farleigh-Dickinsin and spear-headed by one of my former professors from Emerson (who now works at Farleigh-Dickinsin), David Daniel. John Wesley Harding and Josh Ritter discussed how they compartmentalize some of the pluralized visions of art: fiction and music. They discussed why they chose to write, though being musicians, and they both read from their new books. They talked a lot about the ballad, which I had just taught in my Experiencing Literatu

AWP 2011 update: Day One

I arrived safely in DC yesterday, and spent the evening with the lovely and wonderful editors of Big Lucks , Mark and Laura. They have been kind and hospitable and a joy as hosts. After a lovely night sleeping on the couch and then waking up to some grisly news from Egypt, I was glad to distract myself from Al Jazeera English and go with them to the hotel where the conference will be held out to register and help them set up their table. The Big Lucks editors are gracefully allowing Gigantic Sequins a spot on their table, so I set up a few of our newest issues, with a small stack of the first two beneath it. I also have our Gigantic Sequins stickers, submission flyers, and flyers advertising the 2.1 issue there. The Big Lucks table, K2, looks fantastic with its big banner, copies of their issues, fabulous (FREE!) buttons and a flyer for the raffle they're holding. After registering and setting up the table, we made our way to the train station to pick up Mike Young . We enjoye