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May books read / ate is the past tense of eat / part one

The class I've been teaching at Rowan University ended. I sadly said goodbye to my first two classes I ever taught this month, and following this farewell, I devoured a number of books. Eight to be exact. It's the 27th, so if I manage to finish Bolano's 2666 by midnight on the 30th, it will be nine, but I'm doubt that will happen. Because of the large number of books I finished reading in May, I will write the first half of this now, and the second probably soon after the month ends. Enjoy. BOOKS READ: MAY: PART ONE A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn To be fair, I started reading this in April and read it for a long time. This book will change the way that you look at American History. That's it's motivation, and it succeeds. I was afraid that Zinn would get a bit preachy, but instead he gets the majority of his preaching over in the beginning of the book and just let's his title "People" speak for themselves through r

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Help us print our 4.2 Issue! One of the more difficult things for any journal is funding our endeavors. Gigantic Sequins wants you to be a part of our moving forward. We hope that you will join us in helping to print issue 4.1. To become a Friend of the Magazine, we will accept any amount, but the following amounts are suggested: Friend: up to $50 Donor: $51-$200 Patron: $201-500 Benefactor: over $500 If you decide to support Gigantic Sequins , you will be credited as a Friend in the issue we send you.  You can request to be listed anonymously.  You can donate on our website by using the "buy now" buttons below, or by emailing us at if you would like to request a different amount than those indicated above. Buying a copy/subscription of our journal also helps a lot! Visit the GIGANTIC SEQUINS STORE ! If you can't donate to us now, please spread the word! All supporters will receive a copy of our 4.2 issue, mailed out

Events Update | GS in Philly & Boston

Hello there! We have exciting events coming up related to Gigantic Sequins. We have two readings coming up. The first one is at Robin’s Bookstore in Philadelphia, PA on Wednesday, May 26th from 7pm-9pm. Jordan Bowen and Jeff Laughlin, two of our contributors from issue 1.2 will be reading their work, as will our editor in chief, Kimberly Ann Southwick. Come show your support, and while you’re there, grab a copy of the magazine for only $5.00! | On June 10th, we will be having a night at Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Boston, MA. So far, two of our 1.2 contributors, Zach Yontz and Cheena Marie Lo, will be reading there. We will have more information on this event as the date approaches. | In addition to these fun events, the Gigantic Sequins editor in chief-- me! Kimberly Ann Southwick-- has been invited to read at a poetry festival in Boston this summer. I'll keep you updated with more information on that, and al

Doubles :: Books Read April / March

Just to keep you all updated. I have been reading, I have just been reading less because I have been teaching a semester of American English Grammar at Rowan University. Since classes just ended, May should be a big month for books. But here are March and April's 'books read'... Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger I reread this. I have to say, rereading this while teaching a grammar course is NOT the best idea. It made it much more difficult to enjoy. However, I always liked J.D.'s other three books better than this one. I read this one last when I first read him, and enjoyed it the least. Perhaps reading it alone doesn't change my opinion of it. Good, good for what it is, especially good for teenagers. But not his best. The Mysterious Benedict Society | The Mysterious Benedict Society & the Perilous Journey by Trenton Stewart Lee Intelligent little series, of which there are three and I have read two. Especially recommended for smart smart children who love

National Poetry Month Poetry Giveaway Winners

Happy May Day! Today we announce our winners from our National Poetry Month contest, where just by commenting on our blogpost about our giveaway, you could have been entered to win one of two books. Here are our winners, who have been notified by email: winner of unstill by Kimberly Ann Southwick and a copy of Gigantic Sequins: Caroline M. Davies winner of Refusing Heaven by Jack Gilbert and a copy of Gigantic Sequins: Mallery K. You can check out their bloggings by clicking on their names. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congrats to our winners!