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books read: labyrinths, big and small

My summer reading has continued. a Pynchon novel, the last in a children's trilogy I began in the spring and, most recently, a collection of stories by David Foster Wallace. In other news, I reorganized my fiction bookshelf so that all of the books on it are books I have read, except for a small section where there was still room at the bottom which now contains hardcovers I have not read. This brings some organization between "stack" and "shelves". The stack is now all books I haven't read. Now, the next problem will occur if I haven't come upon another bookshelf before I finish more books than can fit on the bookshelf I have the "read" fiction on! And when I do get another, will I keep the read/unread separated still? Hm... books read: July V. by Thomas Pynchon. I bought a bumper sticker from that says "My Other Car is a Pynchon Novel" and decided that I couldn't put it anywhere (not my car, anyway, but anywh