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DON'T stop: generations defined

For November, I read one book. This is a rare occasion, but a good one. I suppose it took me longer than usual because I took time to absorb a lot of what the book was saying because it was non-fiction and contained a lot of proper nouns, some I'd heard of, others I hadn't. I read a lot about big news events of the late twentieth century, which I found to be highly rewarding. I read a lot about music and musicians, but also about artists and activists. This book was worth the month it took me to read it. NOVEMBER: book s read Can't Stop Won't Stop: a history of the hip-hop generation by Jeff Chang When I first picked this book up off of the shelves of the music paperbacks at The Strand and read the back of it and decided it was well past my due to own and read this book, I did not think I would have learned as much as I did from reading it about both America, hip-hop and the past forty years. The book, among other awards, won the 2005 American Book Award. I knew i