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Books Read :: June 2012

Not too much read in June due to one book being a big ol' tome. Enjoy my thoughts as follows. Mission:  to read 52 books in 2012 Status : 36/52 Books Read, June:  4 Notes on Books Read: 33) Skippy Dies  by Paul Murray I read this book for my book club this month. My only complaint about this book was that there were too many big words. I noted something like this on my book club page at one point, "if one more character is described or described AGAIN as 'avuncular', I am going to throw this book at the wall." The novel was really long, and I was annoyed because not a lot of people read the whole thing/posted about where they were in the book, etc. This is the problem with having an "online" book club-- no one is really dependable. Dependability is dead. But I digress-- I think I was most mad because I really enjoyed this book and had a lot about it that I wanted to discuss, but I wound up not really