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the WELCOME SUMMER RAFFLE is here! brought to you by Gigantic Sequins! We have TEN prize packages-- that's right, TEN-- that each include between 2-4 prizes. Here's what you can win: SIGNED BOOKS : Tea by D.A. Powell, The Ticking is the Bomb by Nick Flynn & Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, Come On All You Ghosts by Matthew Zapruder, The Pajamist by Matthew Zapruder, Cocktails by D.A. Powell & Lunch by D.A. Powell, Like a Sea by Sam Amadon HARDCOVER BOOKS: Landing Light by Don Paterson, Hart Crane, a life by Clive Fisher, The Bigger World by Nicole Kocot, Destroyer and Preserver by Matthew Rohrer & I <3 Your Fate by Anthony McCann PAPERBACK BOOKS: Glass City by John Grochalski, Revisions Of by Goodloe Byron ART: pins handcrafted by Savannah Schroll Guz & animal sculptures made by Darla Jackson CDs: blanketfort records Sampler 1.1, Bright Day by Emily Rodgers, VDMA by VDMA, Glenrose by Brendan Little VINYL: Emily Easterly/J Seger split 45''

ORDER Gigantic Sequins 2.2!

Gigantic Sequins 2.2 features... ART by Jennifer Maidment, Joshua Gabriel & Josean Rivera POETRY by Adam Atkinson, James Wagner, Leigh Phillips, Helen Vitoria, Joseph Calavenna, Jim Daniels, Matthew Siegel, Rich Ives, Natasha Kessler, James Caroline and Matthew Whitley FICTION & MICRO FICTION by LaTanya McQueen, Len Kutz, Michelle Cheever, Craig Bernier and Yelena Valer'evna Moskovich Order your issue today! $8.50 - GS 2.2 $15.00 - GS 2.2 + GS 2.1 $20.00 - GS 2.2 + all back issues