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2.1 Submission Period :: OPEN

S U B M I S S I O N S :: O P E N Just a reminder to all you Gigantic Sequins faithfuls that our submission period for our Spring 2010 issue is open! We've already gotten a large amount of submissions, so please be sure to send us your BEST work! Or, if you are feeling extra spicy, send us something that will totally stand out: perhaps another genre? an essay, a comic, a visual poem. DO IT. send all submissions to: [ ] :: check out our official website for more specific guidelines! ( big ups to daniel christensen for designing this rad flyer. )

SO MUCH to do, can't decide, shouldn't have to...

Hey New York, busy this week? We are... join us! Tonight, 9/16/09 11pm: Danny Malone will play @ The Living Room , LES Tomorrow, 9/17/09 all day: Happy Birthday to Daniel Christensen and Anna Levy! Friday, 9/18/09 all day: Happy Birthday to Laura Regan ! 8pm: Field 309, three short plays @ Dixon Place , LES 9pm: GunFight ! performs @ Bushwick Music Studios , Brooklyn Saturday, 9/19/09 8pm: if you missed Field 309, catch it today! Dixon Place, LES 9pm: catch Emily Easterly sings to you @ The Living Room, LES ...not to mention various birthday and other sorts of shenanigans. hizzah!

essay, poetry, first modern novel

I adventured into a classic this past month, the first modern novel. My travels were to discover why it is called this precisely and also if it was worthy of the title. I had little time to read anything else besides a spattering of poetry and also selections from literary magazines I read (usually while waiting for my FarmVille Farm to load...) I read an excellent essay in Agni 69, "Still, Sky, Girl, and Marriage" by Emily C. Watson. Its evaluation of artwork let me into the brain of someone creative, smart, interesting and also a fantastic writer. I was quite pleased to read something brilliant and kept reading even after whatever page I was waiting to load loaded. As for the books I completed, there are two. Read forth. books read August Poemland by Chelsey Minnis I must, unfortunately, refrain from saying too much about this interesting book of poetry published by Wave Books because I will be reviewing it in the upcoming issue 1.2 of Gigantic Sequins. I would be