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It's beginning to look a lot

Night comes faster. Especially if you sleep in. Winter this year, they say, is colder than it's been in recent years. In New York, it's been slushy and wet during the brief sunny hours, and slippery and cold at night. The weather is best when the wind is not blowing. Is it the poet in me that loves to talk about the weather? There is a country song from my childhood, well, part of the chorus of one, which I sing to myself sometimes "As long as old men sit and talk about the weather / as long as old women sit and talk about old men" (... the point of the song being that for as long as these things happen, the country singer will "love you forever and ever and ever and ever amen." Classic.) And I often think that the old men got the better part of the deal, here. Maybe if I watched television, I would talk about that. I'd rather sit out a good lightning storm, especially just prior to those in the summer when the heat is bursting and no amount of fanning