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for the love of PROSE

:: ATTENTION WRITERS OF AMAZING PROSE:: (this means you, novelists, fiction-writers, short-shortists, personal/travel/cultural essayists… etc...) good lord, we need you over here at Gigantic Sequins . our submissions pile is overflowing with verse! send some prose our way to even things out a bit. though in the past we’ve published more poetry than fiction, this is because we receive more poetry submissions than fiction submissions. THEREFORE, get your ink on (or keyboard or whatever), edit your favorite unpublished short story, essay or excerpt, and SEND IT ON OVER to [ ] PLEASE. Thanks Everyone! Gigantic Sequins Editors


Hello! It's that time again! When GIGANTIC SEQUINS asks you for your donations to our quatrannual raffle! Twice a year, this is a bigger deal than the other two times. And this is one of those times. We will be having a release party for our 1.2 issue coming up soon, and would like for you to donate something, anything to our raffle! It's good for you, because it gets the name of your small press / store / product out there! And it's good for us because people love raffles! Well. We hope people love raffles as much as our editors (especially Kimberly) do. The better the prizes are, the more likely people are to buy raffle tickets. If you yourself can't offer us anything, but know someone who might, please let us know soon! EMAIL US if you'd like to donate something. send questions and suggestions to: THANKS for your continued and amazing amounts of support!

self-(m)education : books read September

September was a recovery month for my book-reading habits. After it took me nearly the entirety of August to read Don Quixote , I was ready to read a variety and a lot of books for September. Also, I'm jealous of everyone who got to go back to school, so I tried to self-educate as much as possible... books read: September The Second Elizabeth by Karen Lillis I must, unfortunately, refrain from commenting on this lovely little joy of a novel in order to encourage you all to buy Gigantic Sequins issue 1.2 and read my review there! Eragon / Eldest / Brisingr by Christopher Paolini Eragon and Eldest were rereads in order that I could finally, after purchasing it last fall the DAY it came out, read the third part of this series, Brisingr . I believe there is only one more book left in it, and I look forward to rereading these three again in anticipation of the fourth. Something about young adult fantasy always does it for me-- when it's well-done. Paolini truly capture

benefit PARTY 10/10/09

#507. be there.

ADAM FALKNER @ the Nuyorican: 10/2/09 | 10pm

TOMORROW, Friday October 2nd, 2009 @ 10pm :: Adam Falkner will be performing a thirty minute set at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe. If you have never seen him read before, I highly recommend you make it out tomorrow. Adam is a unique and gifted poet who we at Gigantic Sequins are proud to be publishing in our upcoming 1.2 issue. Please support this talented writer, and also do yourself a favor, by going to see him read this Friday. Adam Falkner @ Nuyorican Poets Cafe 236 East 3rd Street between Ave B & C (DOORS right before 10pm)