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Books Read :: January 2014

Opening Remarks I'm participating in two different self-inflicted reading challenges this year. The first is a number goal, based on Goodreads. I didn't meet the goal I set for myself last year, so I set the bar the same as I did in 2012 for this year-- 52 books. That's at least, when rounded out, one book per week, which I know I can handle, and I know I'll meet. I think it's a good LIFE goal for reading. At least one book every week, forever. Perhaps 52 will always be my goal, knowing most times I will meet and surpass it. Anyway, Goodreads doesn't always have the books I'm reading in its database, so the counting system there has slightly less books than my counting here. As usual, rereads don't count. Also, I ran into some " year round up counts " on book blogs, & I'd like to do one next year for this blog. The second challenge is one I found on tumblr, this , which is recommended-based for each month. The challenge in January wa