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The Birthday Club, Part Deux

I think it was two (or maybe three) years ago that I implemented the first Birthday Club . It involved people mailing me books for my birthday, under the condition that if you mailed me a book within a month of my birthday, I would mail one back to you. It was a great success, and I received and read many awesome books , some of which I probably never would have read had I not created The Birthday Club. I can now say I read every book that a Birthday Club member sent to me that first year I did this, and I am glad I did. This year, on March 26th, I turn 30, and for this grand occasion, I would like to bring back the Birthday Club for a second round. I really love my birthday. I am one of those crazy people that celebrates her birthday all freaking month. (Shameless plug: I am  reading on 3/20 at the Tirefire  Reading Series, and this feels like a birthday present somehow.) Anyway, below are the rules for Birthday Club if you would like to participate this year. [ cupcakes also