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some exciting things...

Image addition (i typed "addiction" first, ha,) to writing one poem per day for poetry month, i have been trying to read a poem a day (mostly yes have done this, mostly have read many poems each day, as it should be) and also write a sentence about a poem each day, a poem i liked a lot. usually me liking a poem involves me paying a lot of attention to it. i think that these sentences have so far turned out rather good. ... i passed my Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, which means if i pass my thesis, i will have my masters degree in May. that's soon. ...GIGANTIC sequins arrived at my house YESTERDAY. and it's WONDERFUL. if you can't make it out to our NYC release on 4/25 (8pm-??) or our Boston release on 4/28 (9pm-??) or our event at Emerson College on 4/29 (3-5 pm) ... you can order a copy by emailing us at [ ] ...SOON, you will be able to order copies from our website [ ], but for now, email invoices it is

RELEASE PARTIES! in the plural!

Check out the EVENTS PAGE at the GiGANTiC SEQUiNS website for information on our BOSTON and NYC release parties. here's a summary of the awesomeness to come... NYC Release Party : Saturday April 25, 2009 : McKibben Lofts 8pm / $1 at the door gets you in + a raffle ticket 255 Mckibben St. #507 Bushwick : $1 @ the door also gets you a free raffle ticket. we will be raffling awesome things donated to us from local businesses! we will be selling GIGANTIC sequins for $5 a pop. you’ll want one. they’re pretty. your friends’ writing is in there. if you are a contributor or Friend Of the magazine, you can show up to get your free issue, to participate in our raffle, and to come out to a night of fun and music and awesomeness. PLEASE show your support. we had fun last time and expect to have fun again this time. music provided by… Christopher P. Stelling & Benjamin Shepherd & Chris Peck poetry provided by… Evan Ross Burton & Jeff Laughlin : L to Montrose or J or Z to Flush

everything is poetry; everything is fiction

in April, everything is poetry. i was interviewed by thunk blog. read all about it here . thank you ryan manning . i want to know how to do the tinyurl thing. sometimes it does it by itself. sometimes it doesn't. this confuses me. i read almost all fiction in month. totally weird. but this is my blog post for... books read: march How to be alone by Jonathan Franzen this book of essays consistently teaches its title with grace and goodwill. i liked the one about the post office in Chicago a lot because i love the post office. i liked this book. i like being alone. i might like being alone more now that i've learned to appreciate it via completion of this excellent book. the paperback one i read has an extra essay in it that the hardcover doesn't. read the paperback. The Proof of the Honey by Salwa Al Neimi read a review of this book that sounds like part of an academic essay in GIGANTIC SEQUINS volume 1.1, which is coming out so soon, so soon. Ghosts by Cesar

Donations for Raffle!

GIGANTIC sequins is nearly available! We have gone off to press and are tingling with anticipation for our magazine to be out! Meanwhile, we are busy planning our two release parties! They will be in mid-April. In the spirit of our first bash, we have decided again to have a raffle at each event! What we need, though, is stuff to raffle off! We are accepting donations for the raffle at this time. If you run a business or a non-profit, a small press, a magazine of your own, a venue, a bookstore, a coffeeshop, etc! and would like to donate something small for us to include in our Grand Prize at one of our raffles (in either New York or Boston) please contact us at [ ]. We are offering to run ads on our website for your business if you do decide to donate something to us. Let us know soon! Thanks GS editors