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Books Read :: February-April 2016

I made the mistake this semester of taking three classes and auditing one. Even though I didn't have to do the coursework for the one I audited, just the reading/participation, it was still too much. I didn't have time to do things that I normally like to do, that are important to me--let alone things that I do generally because I do them. Such as.... writing about the books I read. HERE are all the books I read from February-April during this semester, excluding re-reads, with brief snippets of thoughts after them... FEBRUARY Caligula by Albert Camus The Visit by Friedrich D├╝rrenmatt For my drama class, we read these two plays the same week. I preferred the D├╝rrenmatt because the characters were more interesting to me, particularly Claire, the cruel/eccentric/wealthy woman who returns to her hometown for revenge. Caligula was interesting to me in terms of it as an existential retelling of an old story, but the characters blended more easily. Snow White by Donald Bart