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Things I've Been Watching on Netflix :: Summer 2012

I've been wanting to, for awhile now, talk about things I've watched on Netflix Instant. I have a huge queue, but it's not always helpful in deciding what to watch next. These short writings about what I've watched may be interesting for people who've seen the same things, are wondering what to check out themselves, or who care to read about what I've been watching. I may make a regular post of this. FILM: Sleeping Beauty This movie was totally weird and sometimes uncomfortable. It's by the same guy who made the 2011 film Melancholia , which is also on my queue, and at times I wished I were watching it alone. Sometimes when films are creepy/slightly disturbing, and I am still enjoying them, I feel embarrassed while I'm watching them because I feel like I should express some sort of distaste for a film's tastelessness. In this film's case, the narrator's life decisions are consistent with that of someone who I probably would not befriend--