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Pre-order GS 3.2? YES!

Soon, you will be able to PRE-ORDER Gigantic Sequins 3.2! How excited are you? HOW EXCITED AM I? Very excited. So close, so soon. But not yet... OKAY, so NOW you can pre-order Gigantic Sequins 3.2 . We haven't made the official announcement yet, but you can. The official announcement: COMING SOON. Meanwhile, visit the Gigantic Sequins Store and be one of our first pre-orders! We are also open for submissions , and we have our very first contest going on! Dig this flyer. I think it's one of the best flyers I've ever made. I am usually not gifted in the "flyer-making" area, but, well, I am pretty proud of this one.

Exciting Things in the Mail, IV

I always wait too long to do a post like this. Too many exciting things have come. Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz This came yesterday, and we opened it today. I ordered it after listening to an interview with him on the Radio Times show via WHYY. He spoke that night at the Free Library of Philadelphia, but I had a previous engagement ( Partyknife and others book release party at L'etage!) Geoff and I (and by "Geoff and I" I mean "Geoff") brew our own kombucha via a kit I got him for Christmas. Really, you don't need a kit. All you need is a decent sized jar, rubber band, and a piece of a cloth. Oh, and a SCOBY/mother. We had some trouble at first because our house wasn't warm enough for it in the winter, but we've been drinking kombucha regularly now. As soon as we opened the book, I read the section on kombucha, and I'm excited to try some of the tips/ideas that Katz has. I also would like to ferment some of the many othe

Books Read: May

When tallying my books for this month, because I read a number of shorter books, I counted four of them as half books. Luckily, two of each of the four were put out by the same publishing companies, so it felt "right" to count them together as half a book with another book by the same publishing company. I also found myself reading along a "theme", at first my accident and then on purpose. I read a good number of books of modern short stories by women. Part of this was because these books were what friends gave to me for my Birthday Club, which in itself is interesting. I am past my halfway mark as of the end of this month, and I think that's a good sign. Mission:  to read 52 books in 2012 Status : 32/52 Books Read, May:  8  Notes on Books Read: 25) Ender's Game  by Orson Scott Card I read this book without realizing that they are making it into a film starring the adorable kid who played Hugo in the Scorsese film of th