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Books Read :: March-April 2013

I took the English Lit GRE on April 20th, so my reading was severely limited because I really, truly studied my butt off. The way I count "books read" is by actual BOOKS read, so for instance the fact that I read all of Alexander Pope's "The Rape of the Lock" doesn't really get included on my record-keeping of books read. Additionally, books I "REREAD" no longer get counted here either. For the record, I reread The Great Gatsby and Ender's Game along with my Experiencing Literature class. I chose them for this spring semester because they're both coming out in film form 2013. Gatsby actually just came out this past weekend, and I hope Geoff & I get the chance to see it in theaters. SENSE AND SENSIBILITY by Jane Austen We read this for my book club. This is probably the last book I'll ever say this about since book club kind of dissipated when I took time off to study for the English Lit GREs. I was glad we read it, but mostly