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Help Support Gigantic Sequins!

Help us print our 5.1 Issue! We hope that you will help us to print issue 5.1 by becoming a Friend of Gigantic Sequins. We will accept any amount, but the amounts below, each with a flashy new moniker, are recommended: Candles :  up to $49 Sparklers:  $50-$199 Fireworks:  $200-499 Dynamite:  $500 and up To thank you for your support of Gigantic Sequins , you'll be credited as a "Friend" in the issue we send you. You can request to be listed anonymously.  You can donate via our Patreon site , or for other options, email us at To see the rewards we offer our donors, please visit the Patreon site . Can't afford to donate? Buying a copy/subscription of our journal also helps a lot! Visit the GIGANTIC SEQUINS STORE ! Spreading the word also helps leaps and bounds. Here are some of the beautiful covers from our past issues, giving you a preview of what to look forward to when you become a friend!