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Gigantic Sequins 4.1 Cover!

Feast your eyes on the GS 4.1 cover! We are so psyched to go to print! Pre-order now !

Books Read :: December

I accomplished my goal, and I amped it up for 2013 :: I am going to go for 75 books. I didn't read as much as I wanted to in December because it was a crazy month (holidays, grades due, getting together Gigantic Sequins 4.1, etc.), but I did get a Kindle for Christmas. Using it has changed my reading experience slightly-- I don't have to worry about packing multiple books when I am about to finish one, for one. For two, I can download my bookclub books and begin reading them ASAP rather than waiting for them to come in the mail. And finally, a lot of classic lit past its copyright is available for free. The day I got the e-reader, I downloaded The Complete Sherlock Holmes, and that's what I've basically been reading since Christmas! Mission:  to read 52 books in 2012 Books Read in 2012 thus far : 59 # of Books Read, November:  2 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Notes on Books Read: 58)  How Not