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Autumn Cranberry Sangria, from scratch

I made a pretty bangin' sangria for Thanksgiving, and I wanted to share the recipe I threw together with anyone who may stumble across it. I started with this recipe as a base, and then put a "thanksgiving" spin on it. First of all, I double it. It was a Southwick Family Thanksgiving, after all. Secondly, though the "Cranberry" aspect of it made it Thanksgiving-y, I added another few twists there. And finally, instead of bourbon, I used a local Art in the Age liquor, Snap . I got compliments on the clove/nutmeg flavor that was subtle, but also helped the sangria combine to be "not too sweet"-- cutting back on the sugar, I think, also helped. If I would have truly doubled the recipe, there would have been 2 total cups of sugar, but instead I used 1 cup and a half cup of brown sugar. My aunts that love something sweet and tasty enjoyed this, as did my male cousins, who perhaps would normally think of sangria as a drink "too girly" for them.

Books Read :: October

Something that has happened in the past: writers who have recommended books have told me that they did not necessarily want me to, after I had already done it, tell the world via my blog (HELLO WORLD!) that they had recommended certain books to me. However, I really can't help myself. So my apologies now and to the future to anyone who gives/lends/recommends a book to me that I "call" them on recommending. When you recommend something, it isn't always because it's your favorite book-- often it's more because you feel that a certain book fits a certain person, is something someone who is a writer/reader/_________ should read, or is something that you want to have a conversation about with someone else whose opinion on books you value. I think this is an important thing to consider when people give/lend/recommend books to you and also when someone asks you for a recommendation! I personally love giving them. Mission:  to read 52 books in 2012 St