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Books Read :: July/August

I usually look forward to the summer because I feel like I get to read more often than during the semester. Well, that did not happen this year. I blame mostly these two things: I started reading a non-fiction book called The Natural Kitchen by Deborah Eden Tull   which is an amazing, revolutionary attempt to get its readers to cut down on waste and maximize the potential of an organic kitchen. I spent a lot of my summer weekends working on a kitchen on a hay farm, where we feed 100+ people daily. The book and that volunteer gig were NOT compatible, and before I began being the annoying person who says things like "wait, don't peel that sticker off of that nectarine-- I need to read the code to see if its organic" or "we could probably use these scraps in a broth or something..." or "what do you mean we don't recycle this?!" etc. Now that the semester is about to start, I will be picking it back up and using it to help make my life more green.