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Books Read: April

More poetry than usual this month! It WAS National Poetry Month in April, so that makes sense! Mission:  to read 52 books in 2012 Status : 24/52 Books Read, April:  7 Notes on Books Read: 18) Threats by Amelia Gray We read this for book club and everyone liked it. It had short, short chapters, something that I think appeals to modern readers. It's like-- if I am reading something with longer chapters, I am more inclined to stop once I reach the end of a chapter because then I won't have to worry about getting caught in the middle of one. Short chapters, however, do not pose the same threat, so I read more nonstop. The zany world that this book builds in-or-around (who knows!) the reality we live in is both believable and unbelievable at the same time. This novel will make you feel slightly insane and is worth reading. It just came out this year from FSG. 19) Culture of One  by Alice Notley I heard Notley read from this novel-in-verse at AWP in Chicago thi