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something potentially sequential

my weekly book purchases i have imposed a strict regulation on my book buying because i own too many books i haven't read and because i work at a bookstore and don't make enough money to buy both books and food. i choose food. the regulation has been modified since i first spoke of it, modified and perfected. i had initially limited myself to one book purchase per week. this didn't seem too difficult considering a) i am poor and b) we are only allowed to buy books on fridays and saturdays. though last week i didn't purchase any books at all, this week i found a few. the thing about one-book-a-week is that it allows me to consider my purchases for longer. it allows me to truly decide which book i need at-this-moment. but i decided one-a-week-only-no-exceptions was a bit harsh for a lover of books. at Strand Books where i work, we have a number of carts lining the store that contain both "dollar books" and "forty-eight cent books", the adjective

things that don't piss me off; things that do piss me off

i am getting better at this. this is not going to be an epic account of anything, but a selection of things that i think you should check out because they are important. things that don't piss me off: this weekend, i met some kind of fantastic people. our magazine, gigantic magazine, has been involved a small nomenclature and turf scuffle to which i have come up with a maybe permanent, maybe temporary solution. we'll see. meanwhile, we are still getting ready to go to print in march for an April 2009 release date. we are still trying to connect our domain to a wordpress page i can't figure out. check back here to read more about the magazine, though, when we have more. production doesn't afford us time to delineate every step of the way, for most of it is not too interesting. meanwhile, my friend Geoffrey has informed me that there is a movie called Gigantic . you can watch the trailer here . it won a Spirit Award, and is coming out April 3rd, 2009. (yes. i am n

the most questions ever

the following is a list of questions that i found rather amusing. most of the answers we had were "no" or "we wish!" i think they are even more hilarious out of context: Select "Yes" to this question if your business is involved in one or more of the following: * Does your business involve the sale of local telephone service, toll telephone service, or teletypewriter exchange services? * Do you transport persons or property by air for compensation, including the officers and employees of your business? * Does your business own or lease an aircraft or a fraction of an aircraft? * Does your business mine coal (underground or surface)? * Does your business sell the tires you manufacture? * Does your business import vehicles that do not meet the standards for fuel economy? * Does your business sell or use vaccines that were manufactured, produced, or shipped from another country into the United States? * Does your business

Many Thanks

Gigantic would like to thank everyone who came out to our benefit on Friday the 13th of February, 2009. Your support was much appreciated. We hope, also, that you had an excellent time.