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Books Read :: September

Ah, the true beginning of the semester. I was teaching 6 classes for a majority of September, 2 of which ended as September dwindled away. I still managed to get some reading in. Here's how I did. Books Read in 2014: 35/52, according to GoodReads (I also sort of abandonned the other challenge I had been doing, of prompts for each month, though I was enjoying it. I just forgot one month to check for the prompt. Maybe I'll pick it up again now that it's October? Who knows) Want for Lion by Paige Taggart -- I needed a book of poetry that sort of roared at me and this one did the trick. So much poetry feels passive or detached, not in a bad way, but this book comes at you like, "what?!" It's jazzy and spazzy and not always punctuated and worth reading if that's your thing. I'm glad it's mine. The Self Unstable by Elisa Gabbert -- I very seriously had trouble not dog-earing every page or every other page of this collection of poems/lyric essay