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Books Read: March

I slowed down a bit in March. I would need to read 5/month to reach my goal, and I only read 4 in March. I had to read along with my Experiencing Lit class, so I reread a number of short stories and much of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, though only books I read cover to cover count. Rereads do not count, so even if I had read Huck Finn cover to cover, it wouldn't have been added to the goal.
Mission: to read 52 books in 2012 Status: 17/52 Books Read, March: 4
Notes on Books Read:

If I Falter at the Gallows by Edward Mullany
This book of poetry put out by Publising Genius is amazing and you should buy it right now. Seriously. It's on sale for $10.00. I got it at AWP and had it signed, and I opened it randomly while sitting at the GS table and started reading. Well, I kept reading it. I in fact finished it while I was in Chicago. A number of its pages are dog-eared, and though the poems are powerful on their own, I think that this collection as a whole is like one of those alb…

Exciting Things in the Mail, III

This has become a regular post that I do, wherein I tell you about the exciting things I've received recently in the mail. I've been mailing out my response books to all of the books I got in the mail for my Birthday Club, but before and after the Birthday Club burst, the mail delivered. Here's what came:

Bridge Journal #1
Bridge came in the beginning of March, and I've been reading it recently. Though I got a good stack of journals from AWP, I had ordered Bridge Journal pre-AWP, and it arrived while I was gone. Bridge is a journal of collaborations. I've been such a sucker lately for collaborations in all shapes and forms. I've been published alongside Wendy Xu & Nick Sturm, who we are also publishing in GS 3.2, and I love their collaborations. I applied for (though didn't get) the opportunity to work with Flying House, a Chicago-based art/writer collaborative project. I read Moroccoby Kendra Grant Malone & Matthew Savoca, a co-written book of poems…

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