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Help Support Gigantic Sequins!

Help us print our 5.1 Issue!

We hope that you will help us to print issue 5.1 by becoming a Friend of Gigantic Sequins. We will accept any amount, but the amounts below, each with a flashy new moniker, are recommended:

Candles : up to $49 Sparklers: $50-$199 Fireworks: $200-499 Dynamite: $500 and up

To thank you for your support of Gigantic Sequins, you'll be credited as a "Friend" in the issue we send you. You can request to be listed anonymously. You can donate via our Patreon site, or for other options, email us at To see the rewards we offer our donors, please visit the Patreon site.Can't afford to donate? Buying a copy/subscription of our journal also helps a lot! Visit the GIGANTIC SEQUINS STORE! Spreading the word also helps leaps and bounds.
Here are some of the beautiful covers from our past issues, giving you a preview of what to look forward to when you become a friend!