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Order Gigantic Sequins 3.1

Please use this page to order a copy of Gigantic Sequins 3.1. There are many options-- do you also want 3.2? Do you just want 3.1? Do you want to check out our back issues? Choose what's best for you!
$8.50 - Gigantic Sequins 3.1$17.00 - GS 3.1 + 2.2$30.00 - GS: all past issues$17.00 - 1 Year Subscription$32.00 - 2 Year Subscription$65.00 - 5 Year Subscription The issue features the following work from these talented writers and artists:

Poetry from Carrie Murphy, Ken Taylor, Jake Kelly, Chrissy Friedlander, Candice Wuehle, Laura Goode, Analicia Sotelo, Kimberly Grey, Amanda Auchter, and Chuck Carlise.

Fiction from Kelli Trapnell, Olivia Kate Cerrone, Nathanael Green, and Meg Cameron.

Art &/or Comics from Sarah Schneider, Gillian Lambert (cover art), and Goodloe Byron.

3.1 also features book reviews of two poetry books, Emergency Room Wrestling by The Dirty Poet (Words Like Kudzu Press) and Next Extinct Mammal by Ruben Quesada (Greenhouse Review Press)