Exciting Things in the Mail, III

This has become a regular post that I do, wherein I tell you about the exciting things I've received recently in the mail. I've been mailing out my response books to all of the books I got in the mail for my Birthday Club, but before and after the Birthday Club burst, the mail delivered. Here's what came:

Bridge Journal #1
Bridge came in the beginning of March, and I've been reading it recently. Though I got a good stack of journals from AWP, I had ordered Bridge Journal pre-AWP, and it arrived while I was gone. Bridge is a journal of collaborations. I've been such a sucker lately for collaborations in all shapes and forms. I've been published alongside Wendy Xu & Nick Sturm, who we are also publishing in GS 3.2, and I love their collaborations. I applied for (though didn't get) the opportunity to work with Flying House, a Chicago-based art/writer collaborative project. I read Morocco by Kendra Grant Malone & Matthew Savoca, a co-written book of poems. And I've been trying to collaborate with others, too. I think the first book of collaborative poetry I read was Something Really Wonderful by Kathleen Rooney (GS 1.2) & Elisa Gabbert, published by Dancing Girl Press. So, check out Bridge! They are doing a great thing, and I've been enjoying reading it, for sure.

N+1 and The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach
N+1 did a promotion where if you subscribed to them, you got a copy of Harbach's book, too. I am always a sucker for promotions/deals, especially when it involves things I want to buy anyway. This will come up again later in this post. I'm currently reading the N+1 that came in the mail, but haven't cracked into The Art of Fielding yet, though I hope to at some point this year. These also came in the mail while I was away at AWP.

Phillies baseball cards!
David Kirschenbaum, Boog City publisher and editor, asked for my address, and in return, he sent me a package of Phillies baseball cards! This was pretty exciting for me, as I am someone who enjoys collectibles of all shapes and sizes. Though I am a bigger football than baseball fan, baseball is definitely something I look forward to. I like to listen to the Phils on the radio, actually. David himself I do believe is a Mets fan, so I can understand why he wanted to "clean" these cards out of his collection.

Partyknife by Dan Magers/Little Golden Crossout from Robbie W.
Robbie ran a contest where the first person who bought Carrie Murphy's Pretty Tilt and emailed him a screen shot of the receipt would get Partyknife, a Birds LLC book by Dan Magers and some of his own work, a crossout from a Little Golden book. It all just came today for me, as I won that contest. The crossout came with a Little Golden cover to mount it on and a nice note from Robbie himself.  We published Carrie in Gigantic Sequins 3.1, and she and I are participating in the Conversations & Connections conference in DC later this month. I was glad to purchase her book, and also glad to get something else for doing so! Her book has yet to arrive from Keyhole Press, but I'm looking forward to it.


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