Exciting Things in the Mail, V

Back in 2012, I last posted a blog titled "Exciting Things in the Mail", and since then, there have been many times when I have wanted to resurrect the impetus behind this repeated post. So, less-than-but-almost three years later, I bring to you three things I got in the mail: one I bought, one I contributed to, and one sent unprompted--all wonderful.


This is a Twin Peaks Pin-ups calendar that I bought off the internet because how can you see this and not buy it? I'm not sure. You yourself can and should get one here. The art and product is from Emma Munger, who spends her time transforming many of your favorite characters from cult and popular shows alike into pin-ups. If you explore her website/social media, you'll find characters from Broad City, OITNB, Parks & Rec, and more. Go follow her on every website she is followable on. Meanwhile, I am sitting here staring at my favorite log lady, whilst also knowing what day of the week it is all month.

Next up, we have this badass issue 5.2 of Bone Bouquet, where my poem "In 24 hours exactly you will be getting your hair done" appears, alongside great work from other writers such as Willie Lin, Ginger Ko, and Liz Page Roberts. It's one of those lit journals you can just devour because of its length but at the same time want to spend time with because-- it's pretty damn good. FUN NOTE: in the forthcoming issue of Gigantic Sequins, 6.1, we were inspired by the back cover of this issue of Bone Bouquet to also list our contributors only by their last name. Also, peek the check. Yes, this lit journal pays its contribs! This makes me want to come up with a business model at GS where, by 2016, we too can pay our contribs. It wouldn't work for us now--we pretty much make enough money to put out each issue & that's that. But maybe I'll chat with the nice folks at CLMP, and we can figure SOMETHING out. Thanks for being inspirational mail, BB!

Next up, we have Dog with Elizabethan Collar, the debut publication of selva oscura press, which Ken Taylor (GS 3.1) sent to me in the mail. We at GS do a lot to promote our contribs, and it's awesome when they think of us and send us something amazing they've worked on that's come to fruition. This awesome books contains poetry from Ken and artwork by a number of different artists. It's kind of awesome, and I'm excited to read and spend time with the whole thing. 


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