PHILALALIA: Unofficial List of Off-Site Events [9/25-27]

I've been doing social media for the upcoming art/lit/small press/poetry extravaganza PHILALALIA, where Gigantic Sequins will be tabling AND co-hosting an on-site event as well as kicking off the first "official" off-site event of the event at Tattooed Moms along with Philadelphia Review of Books and The Head & the Hand Press. 

The on-site events' schedule is on the official PHILALALIA site, and each and every one of them is FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. So please come out to the book fair and make some time to stop by one or more of the great on-site events. I am of course partial to the GS/Apiary reading, looking forward to the Temple Contemporary Publication Studio Presentation and their event Thursday night featuring the Poet Laureate and Youth Poet Laureate of Philly, and how can you go wrong with Eileen Myles Potluck Brunch? You just can't.

There's so much great lit-ness happening during the 3-day period of the whole shabang, though, that I wanted to get all the off-site events all in one place, too. So, without further ado, here's everything lit-related going on  9/25-9/28 in Philly. Try to go to everything. 


This is the *official* Philalalia off-site event, and it's going to rock, especially because it's at Tattooed Mom. Sean Hoots of the great Philly band Hoots & Hellmouth is a contributor to The Head & the Hand Press's Asteroid Belt Almanac, and I can't wait to see him read along with the Head & the Hand's Nic Esposito, who has a second book forthcoming from the press. Philadelphia Review of Books is having two poets, Rachel Milligan and, well, me, read for them, and Caitlyn Luce Christensen, who is in the latest and super badass-est 5.2 issue of Gigantic Sequins,  is coming out from Pittsburgh to read representing Gigantic Sequins. There are drink specials. It's gonna be a great night.

Book Fight Live!
The only thing sad about Book Fight Live! is that I will have to be at the event listed above, and will be missing out on the hilarious-yet-always-cunning antics and conversation, usually on in podcast form but live for this night, between Barrelhouse editors Tom McAllister and Mike Ingram. This event is in Manyunk at the Spiral Bookcase, a great bookstore, so it's for all of you people who live out there and don't want to come into the "city-city", but still want to get your lit on. What makes this event even more awesome, is that it doesn't only feature Mike & Tom, but Katherine Hill, Lee Klein, and musician Joey Sweeney.

Slam Bam Thank You Ma’am!
Because two great lit events in one city in one night is never enough, Painted Bride Quarterly has something out there for all you performance poets-- and those of you who love a good slam. They're hosting this event at the Pen & Pencil Club, and you can ask them for more details by visiting the link above.


Poetry Reading at Molly's: Sasha Fletcher & Lewis Warsh
This event was specifically moved to an earlier time--6pm-- to accommodate those who want to go to the PHILALALIA "official" off-site event Friday night as well-- what dolls! Make sure you get out to Molly's Books & Records in South Philly because you don't want to miss poets Sasha Fletcher or Lewis Warsh. Like, are you kidding me? No, no kidding involved. Be there.

Bloof & Coconut at PHILALALIA: Friday Night at Snockey's
This slightly later event, scheduled to begin at 7pm, is at Snockey's Oyster & Crab house, and if that's not a reason to attend a poetry reading alone, maybe we shouldn't be friends or maybe we already are enemies. Anyway, onto the readers, there's a whole big list of themNatalie Eilbert, K. Lorraine Graham, Kirsten Kaschock, Gina Myers, Catie Rosemurgy, Kim Gek Lin Short, Shanna Compton, and Bruce Covey. Delicious.


PHILALALIA Off-Site Reading & Closing Celebration 
The last official PHILALALIA off-site event will be at Philly's beautiful Art Alliance and has a great line-up: Thomas Devaney, Samantha Giles, Daniel J Selah (Daniel Hales), Sue Landers, Alicia Puglionesi, and Nicole Steinberg. These are all poets from the following presses who are tabling at PHILALALIA: ixnay press, Furniture Press Books, Futurepoem, and Least Weasel. Awesome.

Katherine Hill + Lisa Borders @ Musehouse
While the off-site event is going to be a blast, this other Saturday night event is worth considering as well, especially if fiction is your deal or if you won't be in the city-city, as these two novelists will be reading out in Wyndmoor at Musehouse, a Center for the Literary Arts.

RSVP generally to PHILALALIA here.

***If I am missing any Philly lit events over this 3-day period, PLEASE let me know by contacting me via the contact page of my website. Thanks! ***


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