This Weekend in Philadelphia & other stories


We like to do things in Philadelphia. We like to do them and we like to go to them and we like to be an audience and we like to listen. This Friday, we will be doing this, which is going to the TireFire reading series, curated and hosted by the lovely duo of Sarah Rose Etter & Annie Liontas.

Friday, May 9th at 7pm  (which means, in special TireFire jive, most likely the reading will start at 8pm sharp) at Tattooed Moms (the first bar I ever drank at legally--) come out to see Roxane Gay (!!), Mike Young, Joseph Riippi, and Tara Murphy. I've read books by at least two of those people and plan to read a book by at least one of them this summer. RSVP here.

On Saturday, May 10th from 8pm-10pm (Does that mean the reading really starts at 9pm? I don't know. I would show up at 8pm because that's what I do, but you can do as you wish...) poets Marion Bell, Meg Ronan and Lee Ann Brown are reading at the wonderful Chapterhouse & Verse reading series. I have a meeting/potluck to attend in Barto, PA earlier that day, and I am not sure if it's the sort of thing that will last into the night or if we will meet, eat, and go home, but I hope I make it back to the city to see these ladies read! RSVP here.


Gigantic Sequins had its ThreePointOne StorySlam this past Sunday at Stonewall Inn in NYC & it went swimmingly. Check out some photos from the event by Ian Carlos Photography. We're hoping to do our next one in the fall in... Philadelphia! And then a Valentine's Day-ish one again February 2015 in NYC. We are planning ahead, we are.

Speaking of GS, we are in the throes of our Spring Friend Drive. We offer rewards with pretty much every level of donation, so please consider sending us something to help get our 5.2 issue, scheduled to debut this July, printed! We'll be announcing the contributors for that issue VERY soon.

I updated this blog about the books I read for the past 3 months in a post the other day and forgot to mention how I was keeping up with this monthly prompt list. In February, the prompt was to read a book recommended by a blog, and that was The Art of Fielding, which I *did* mention. The prompt for March was to read a book that was made into a movie, and even though I was late to the game and read it in April, that's one of the reasons I read The Fault in Our Stars, to fulfill that prompt. And finally, the prompt in April was to reread your favorite book from childhood, but I reread SO MANY damn books in April I just didn't do this. If you consider being 18 "childhood", then I've been slowly rereading Gaiman's Sandman series, so that, perhaps, counts. May's prompt is to read a book from another country. I'm on it.


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