The Birthday Club, Part Deux

I think it was two (or maybe three) years ago that I implemented the first Birthday Club. It involved people mailing me books for my birthday, under the condition that if you mailed me a book within a month of my birthday, I would mail one back to you.

It was a great success, and I received and read many awesome books, some of which I probably never would have read had I not created The Birthday Club. I can now say I read every book that a Birthday Club member sent to me that first year I did this, and I am glad I did.

This year, on March 26th, I turn 30, and for this grand occasion, I would like to bring back the Birthday Club for a second round. I really love my birthday. I am one of those crazy people that celebrates her birthday all freaking month. (Shameless plug: I am reading on 3/20 at the Tirefire Reading Series, and this feels like a birthday present somehow.) Anyway, below are the rules for Birthday Club if you would like to participate this year.

[ cupcakes also accepted. ]

1) I have to know you in some capacity. Maybe we are obvious friends or maybe I met you in real person (is that a real phrase?) or maybe we are twitter friends. You just can't be someone completely random. I have to, in some way or another, recognize your name--or you have to, in some way or another, let me know how I know you.

2) Email me, so we can exchange mailing addresses, if you want to make this happen. If you don't have my email address, use the contact page of my website to write me, which goes straight to my email inbox, and I'll write you back.

3) You have a month to mail me a book that you love and think I will love/should read, from today. I will send everyone who sends me a book between 3/15 - 4/15 a book within a month of the date I receive your Birthday Club book to me. If you would rather give me a book in person because you live in Philly/we see each other, that's okay too. We'll arrange for an exchange.

4) You really can send me any book-- as long as I haven't read it. How can you tell? Here is a list of (most of) the books I've read via Goodreads. Small press books are encouraged, but I am open to anything, anything, anything. Used books are fine!

5) Those are the rules, I can't think of any more.

If you have read this blog in the past, many a time in an entry I have said something like, "This book was sent to me by XYZ for my Birthday Club," so you may be famous on my blog for sending me a book.

I hope you help to make this the best birthday ever! I decided not to implement Birthday Club every year because there are a million books I want to read, and some of them I already own and know I want to read-- but not all of them. I am a stacker-upper and a patient completist. I am a bibliophile. I love owning books. I love getting mail, and I love sending mail (well, for the most part.)  When a book comes in on suggestion, as in, someone says, you must read this, I am more likely to read it, and I can't wait to see what you guys throw at me-- and a big part of the fun of this for me is that I get to send you something I think you'll love.


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