You Don't Want To Miss

The holidays mean spending time like money depending on whether or not you like to spend money, but then it's January and you are recovering from all of this time AND money spent, so you are a hermit, mostly. I unhermitted last Saturday to see Eileen Myles & CAConrad read for the Chapter & Verse series and even though the room was small and packed and first too cold and then too warm the reading was excellent and I was glad every second I was there. It wasn't like when I go to see a movie, and I like the movie, but I want it to be over so that I can tell everyone how much I liked it. It was the opposite. It was warm, and there was a reading, and I was listening and grateful, and I wasn't sure that I'd be able to tell everyone how much I was liking it in any real way, so the inverse of that would be just wanting it not to end, except I had to pee, so I knew it had to end or it was going to end with me peeing myself.

I just ordered Eileen's Book from Wave Books because I didn't have enough cash dollars to buy it from her directly AND because Wave is doing a special three books for $30 including Eileen's book. I don't know why I feel compelled to call her by her first name. When I talk about poets and writers I usually refer to people by their entire full names. The "Cold Pack" discount only lasts through today.

Moving on, today CAConrad is reading at Penn Book Center at 2pm. There is quite a calendar of Philly lit events coming up that I want to attend, and I am reading twice in the upcoming months. Here is what you don't want to miss:

2/13 Barrelhouse 11 Launch Party @ Raven Lounge 7pm // PHILLY
2/17 I am reading at the In Your Ear Reading Series @ DC Arts Center 3pm // DC
2/18 Gigantic Sequins 4.1 Release Party! @ Philadelphia Sculpture Gym 7pm // PHILLY
2/23 TireFire Reading Series/Sarah Rose Etter's 30th @ Tattooed Mom 7pm // PHILLY
3/6-3/9 *AWP* CONFERENCE Gigantic Sequins will be @ the bookfair at table B6 each day // BOSTON
3/8 The Offending Sequins! GS Reading for AWP @ Johnny D's 7pm // BOSTON
3/23 I am reading @ the Penn Book Center with Amelia Bentley and Jacob Bennett 2pm // PHILLY

So, as you can see, it's going to be a whirlwind. I am a twister. I am particularly excited for everything, so maybe the word "particularly" is not relevant.


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