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  • Thursday 2/2/2012 Tire Fire Reading Series presents: Scott McClanahan, Kendra Grant Malone, Matthew Savoca & Kirsten Kaschock  |  Tattooed Mom 530 South Street  |  7pm-10pm  |  FREE

I'm pretty psyched about this one. I am "into" collaborative writing recently, for some reason, and Malone and Savoca are, I believe, reading together from their collaborative work*. It has this feel to it, and it's usually subtly humorous in a way that you probably have to be when you are working with someone else, I suppose. It makes me jealous that I don't have a collaborative poet friend. But moving on, I went to a Tire Fire reading last year, and I met a lot of great people there and saw three great fiction writers read their work. I am looking forward to attending tomorrow, and I'm sure this event will be as good if not better than the reading in November! Make it out! It's supposed to be nice outside anyway. You have no excuse.

* Edit: the book is co-written, but the poems are not collaborative. Rather, they are each written by the author and the collection was edited by the two of them together-- awesome.

Darla Jackson and Justin Grant, co-owners of what will be the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym know how to do a thing right. Therefore, when Darla contacted me and asked if Gigantic Sequins would be interested in tabling at their arts/crafts event, I couldn't say no. In fact, I contacted Splitleaves Press and Turtleneck Press (see below) to see if they wanted to table alongside me, knowing that literature-themed tables work better at art/craft fairs in bulk. We decided to not just sell our literary wares, but also to sell spontaneous poetry. We'll be rattling off Love, Anti-Love, or Other themed poems for your loved ones/parents/friends/enemies/refrigerators for the incredibly friendly price of $3.00 each. We might have envelopes for you to purchase, too, for another spectacularly low price. Support the arts! Support the literary arts! Stop on by on the 11th! Here is a list of some of the other venders. As soon as I have the location information, I will be updating it here as well as on the GS Events page.


  • Sunday 1/29/2012 Turtleneck Press presents: A Launch & Reading by James Tressel & Brian Warfield  | Moonstone Arts & Cultural Center  |  7pm-9pm  |  FREE

I had coffee with Brian Warfield a short while ago, and Brian told use about how he loves small books. He had examples with him. He was adamant. Starting a press is an achievement, yes, but knowing what you like? Even better. Turtleneck Press admires ambition in tiny packages, and both who read here delivered. The readings of the featured writers were interesting, and I almost wish they had read more, though I'm pleased to say I have a copy of each of their books to read at my leisure. Though the writers weren't thematically linked, Tressel said he owed a lot to Warfield when it came to editing his collection for publication, and I thought, Ah, a trusted writer/editor relationship! A thing to be envied. I look forward to reading more that Turtleneck has to put out. Turtleneck is accepting submissions for a few different kinds of books it wants to produce. Consider sending some work.


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