Exciting Things in the Mail

Today, when I got home from grading papers at Ultimo, two packages were waiting for me in the mailbox. Like Darla Jackson, I love receiving mail. I love sending mail, too. But we'll get there. Often, my mailbox is full of advertisements and bills. I'm still happy when I see my name on the envelope, but I was happier today with what was in that mailbox than I have been for awhile,

First, I took advantage of a deal on litmags and bought the first three issues of the UK journal Popshot for a discounted rate. Boy, am I glad I did so! The mag's "byline" is "Poetry & Illustration", and it delivers as promised. Each issue is an accessible amount of pages. There's nothing like a compact, well done lit journal, in my opinion. And the art is fabulous. I am into lit journals that value their artists' work in the same way that they value their writers' work. Each issue also has a theme, but from flipping through the three copies I have, its theme-ology is loose enough that it doesn't interfere with the quality of the work. They've put out three issues since, and I hope to splurge on the rest of them soon. Let's see how my bank account looks after this holiday season. Yay for Popshot in the mail!

I also received my Night Fruit 7''. Don't be fooled by their bandcamp page, where it says that it won't be released until 12/2012-- Dark Horse is out. Along with the purchase of the vinyl, you get mp3s of the songs, which I have yet to download to my computer, but hey, I can crank open that record player, spin this baby and dig the tunes. PSYCHED.

These 2 packages in the mail make me excited for some upcoming things in my own life-as-a-person-who-visits-the-post-office-often. Being the editor in chief of Gigantic Sequins, I am the person who has the privilege of mailing out our journal when it is released. Since we are sending our 3.1 issue to print this week, this means, soon enough I will be mailing copies of that out to all who have pre-ordered/subscribed. I already posted the cover image to our pre-order page and also to our official website, but because of the beautiful art by Gillian Lambert and the great job on design by Goodloe Byron, it's worth repeating here.

In addition, we'll soon have our GS totebags and t-shirts, that feature our logo, available for purchase. We have a limited supply, so keep checking back if you're interested. I modeled with one of the prototypes for our totebags-- dig it below!


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