Events You May Have Missed

A lot of good things happened over the past week and a half-ish in Philadelphia, and I missed a lot of them.

Barrelhouse had a reading at Temple. It apparently went well. I was napping on my couch with a headache, and I slept until about 4 (it started at 3:30.)

Literary Death Match came to the World Cafe. I was at the horrific game that the Eagles played against the Chicago Bears. They lost in the fourth quarter. I shunned one death match for another: the Eagles' playoff hopes are all but dead after today's loss against the Arizona Cardinals.

...Because I watched that game at my Dad's house, I also missed a reading this evening. Asher Lewis invited me to a reading at the Walking Fish Theater that I should have gone to. Football: 0, Literature 2. Kimberly: 0, Literature: 3.

Okay. Wait. I need to fix that score. I DID go to the Tirefire Reading Series at the Tattooed Mom on Thursday night, which was pretty damn great. I at least have one point. Mike Young, who I taught in my lit class this semester, read along with Anna Louise Neiger and Karl Taro Greenfield. A few of my students came out to the event for extra credit.

I met a lot of writers/people writers were friends with/married to/people who liked to go to readings who all told me that they lived in South Philly. This makes me enormously happy. I must be doing something right.

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