2.2 day is today!

Gigantic Sequins 2.2 came out today. I have no human children, but I do have literary arts journal babies. Today, I picked up my fourth baby from Perfect Printing in Moorestown, NJ, early, before the heat wave that began around noon had set in the area. It was 85 degrees and rising as I pulled up, parked, paid and held the door for the nice man who lugged the four boxes from the company's lobby where they were waiting for me.

Each of the boxes has the image of the cover plastered on it, and I have opened one of them, slit the plastic and flipped through one. I got a "proof" copy, which is exactly the same, but splitting the plastic and flipping through and breathing the books, still warm from being out in my car while I worked today, well, that's magical.

We sent away for the inserts today and they should be in by early next week, and then we will begin shipping out our 2.2 issue to all of our friends, contributors and purchasers. Gigantic Sequins 2.2 was born Wednesday, June 8th. She is a Gemini, half bird, half old lady. She can't wait to meet you. I hope that you choose to add her to your summer reading list. Order one today if you have yet to, and remember, each $5 you spend towards your order enters you into our Welcome Summer Raffle, for a chance to win one of ten amazing prize packages.


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