Gigantic Sequins launches its first Kickstarter!

The editors of Gigantic Sequins, Sophie Klahr, Zach Yontz and I, have been working hard to put together our first ever Kickstarter fundraiser. It just went live tonight, giving us 29 days and some amount of hours, now, to raise the $500 we hope to raise. This money will help us commit to putting out our 2.2 issue on time.

Please, please, please, please, please help us meet our $500 goal! The way Kickstarter works is that you only get your funding if you meet your goal-- We really hope that we can successfully launch our project on time by raising this money! You can donate $5-$500--- every little amount helps! We hope that you find it in you to give whatever you can today!

Tell all of your friends! Tell all of your friends' friends! Spread the word so that we can bring you THE BEST poetry, prose and art in our unique journal. We need to raise $500 by 4/17/11. We know that you can help make this happen. Thanks.


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