AWP 2011 update: Day One

I arrived safely in DC yesterday, and spent the evening with the lovely and wonderful editors of Big Lucks, Mark and Laura. They have been kind and hospitable and a joy as hosts. After a lovely night sleeping on the couch and then waking up to some grisly news from Egypt, I was glad to distract myself from Al Jazeera English and go with them to the hotel where the conference will be held out to register and help them set up their table.

The Big Lucks editors are gracefully allowing Gigantic Sequins a spot on their table, so I set up a few of our newest issues, with a small stack of the first two beneath it. I also have our Gigantic Sequins stickers, submission flyers, and flyers advertising the 2.1 issue there. The Big Lucks table, K2, looks fantastic with its big banner, copies of their issues, fabulous (FREE!) buttons and a flyer for the raffle they're holding.

After registering and setting up the table, we made our way to the train station to pick up Mike Young. We enjoyed the DC traffic, found Mike (who I'd never met until then) and then went to eat at a pretty nice place. I had some Ahi Tuna Tacos. I remembered to take my vitamins. We are now home prepping for our reading, which beings shortly at 7pm. Prepping means: Marks is reading for the class he teaches on Friday, Mike is checking the weather on his laptop, Laura is reading/scrolling on her laptop and I am writing this blog.

Our reading is TONIGHT, 7pm at Grand Central in DC. See the flyer below! Reading are Mike Young, who is a Big Lucks contributor; Darren Frey, who is a Gigantic Sequins contributor; Jeff Laughlin, who is a Gigantic Sequins contributor as well, and many others. We are psyched.

I'll keep everyone updated as the conference proceeds!


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