Support the Little Guys with the Big Ideas

Gigantic Sequins has always been and will always remain a fan of the literary and artistic underdawg--- big talent, smallish audience. But, hey, as the Superbowl tells us, the underdawg is not to be looked down on or discouraged. They always have a chance. Here is your chance to help out some of the smaller guys.

This winter, give your support to Rose Metal Press, who turns 5 this January. They specialize in hybrid genres from writers all shapes and sizes, and their books are always eloquent and beautiful. They have donation packages for every budget. We ask that you show your support this holiday season to this lovely small press.

Also, one of my favorite bands, a group of guys who had played our fundraiser/release parties at least once or twice, shoney lamar & the equal rights, is finally taking their circus to the road. That's right, shoney and the guys may show up in your town late this winter! They do need your help, also, though in funding their tour. Give a little, get a little by checking out their Kickstarter page. You can also download a lot of their badass music for free on their bandcamp page.

Of course, we at Gigantic Sequins can always use your help as well. Become a friend of our small literary arts magazine (with a big heart) and you'll get a complimentary copy of our 2.2 issue, scheduled to be published in the spring.


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