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Just to keep you all updated. I have been reading, I have just been reading less because I have been teaching a semester of American English Grammar at Rowan University. Since classes just ended, May should be a big month for books.

But here are March and April's 'books read'...

Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger
I reread this. I have to say, rereading this while teaching a grammar course is NOT the best idea. It made it much more difficult to enjoy. However, I always liked J.D.'s other three books better than this one. I read this one last when I first read him, and enjoyed it the least. Perhaps reading it alone doesn't change my opinion of it. Good, good for what it is, especially good for teenagers. But not his best.

The Mysterious Benedict Society | The Mysterious Benedict Society & the Perilous Journey by Trenton Stewart Lee
Intelligent little series, of which there are three and I have read two. Especially recommended for smart smart children who love to read. Especially recommended for adults who like to read more than they like to watch television and enjoy indulging in young adult novels.

Already Dead by Denis Johnson
Fantastic novel that embodies California in a way that Inherent Vice (Pynchon) made fun of in a campy way. This book is strange and serious and complicated. It reminded me at certain turns as the adult version of Palahniuk's Rant-- its oddities, its twists. It wasn't as twisty or gimmicky as Rant, though. Worth reading.


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