Help The Absinthe Literary Review

Help out another literary magazine! Absinthe Literary Review had their URL stolen by money-seeking haters. The following is copied and pasted from their new website:

Due to aggressive spam filters on a new email server, our original decade-owned URL,, lapsed during our hiatus and was snatched up by cybersquatters, Maxory LLC, an off-shore St-Kitts / Nevis-based LLC that deals exclusively in this kind of questionable business. They are now trying to sell books online using our trademark, but be assured: ALR is no longer associated with our former URL nor with this shady ghost corporation. They are also attempting to auction the site, which has moved them into the legal definition of bad faith in cybersquatting under the ACPA. We're asking for your help in this situation.


1. While we proceed with expensive and lengthy litigation, please help us diminish the tarnishing and dilution of ALR's reputation by linking to our new URL and informing current link owners across the web about the now spurious nature of our former URL. Also, do not visit our former URL as traffic is what they most desire.
2. Anyone able to uncover the names and addresses of any officers or employees of Maxory LLC so that we can pursue them directly (hopefully in US courts) will be doing us a great favor we won't soon forget.
3. Any longtime readers wishing to contribute to our legal fund, please contact us at"

Help them out if you can! And make sure you bookmark their new website in place of their old.


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