some exciting things... addition (i typed "addiction" first, ha,) to writing one poem per day for poetry month, i have been trying to read a poem a day (mostly yes have done this, mostly have read many poems each day, as it should be) and also write a sentence about a poem each day, a poem i liked a lot. usually me liking a poem involves me paying a lot of attention to it. i think that these sentences have so far turned out rather good.

... i passed my Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, which means if i pass my thesis, i will have my masters degree in May. that's soon.

...GIGANTIC sequins arrived at my house YESTERDAY. and it's WONDERFUL. if you can't make it out to our NYC release on 4/25 (8pm-??) or our Boston release on 4/28 (9pm-??) or our event at Emerson College on 4/29 (3-5 pm) ... you can order a copy by emailing us at [ ] ...SOON, you will be able to order copies from our website [ ], but for now, email invoices it is. go for it!

...i got the proof in for the book i am having published with Feral Press. it's called "This Before" and it's a four page poem by me along with beautiful art by... (crap i forget the artist's name cause i sent back the proof and didn't write it down. as soon as i know, i will let everyone know.) i'll keep you all posted when this specimen of awesome will be available for purchase.

...tomorrow night (4/18/09) @ Sidewalk Cafe there will be many great bands. the show is FREE. Beards, Angry Lemon, Video Daughters, Ben Shepherd, D60 ... 8pm / 94 Avenue A at East 6th St. i'll be there. you should come, too. yay Strand bands., i finished reading Zadie Smith's On Beauty for the second time (for my thesis), and it is absolutely brilliant. if you haven't read it, you MUST.

...flyers were made for both our releases. check them out below... thank you to Daniel Christensen for the NYC one and Jordan M. Tavenner for the Boston one.


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