march madness: the baking soda post

In the time that it takes me to write this post, it is possible that the NCAA Final Four will have been decided, meaning that the UNC / Oklahoma game on my television will have ended. So far, it doesn't look good for Oklahoma. But you can never tell. Usually, however, for the underdog to have a chance, they've got to at least be competitive throughout the game. Like Michigan State today, who dominated the second half of the game, or Villanova last night, who kept up with Pittsburgh for the second half of the second half, in order to take the lead at the end when it mattered.

My Dad and I last weekend observed how the underdog team in this game can be winning the entire game and then the higher seed team will come back and finish the game on top. I believe this is because to be the best team, you have to know how to finish a game properly, when to step up, when to foul. Sports has a lot to do with time management. I wonder if coaches of sports teams are better at planning their weeks, their weekends, their lives, than the average person...

Last night, Villanova beat Pittsburgh, a major upset considering most of the higher ranked teams are usually the teams to win. However, today, Michigan State beat Louisville, the highest rank team in the whole shabang. The game last night was closer at the end and therefore more exciting. Had Pitt made the shot they threw with 0.5 seconds left, they would have won. However, Villanova made a shot to go ahead with barely anytime left on the clock. Pittsburgh, though, for the first half of the second half looked like the better team. Their passing, at one point, looked more like a synchronized swimming routine, the quick passes and then final swoosh left Villanova's defense one step behind. Ultimately, though, 'Nova's defense stepped up, and along with their foul line near-perfection and their ability to score towards the end of the game nearly every time their offense had the ball, they came out on top.

Sometimes, the announcers of these games will throw you a gem. Earlier, during this UNC / Oklahoma game, one of them said that a player on the UNC team was "as versatile as baking soda-- he has lots of good uses as a player on the court." Or something to that effect. Beautiful.

Also, these Budwiser "drinkability" commercials are growing on me. I laughed outloud at the trampoline one earlier (instability: bad; drinkability: good.) Ha. However, I can assure you that the beer will never do so.


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