things that don't piss me off; things that do piss me off

i am getting better at this.

this is not going to be an epic account of anything, but a selection of things that i think you should check out because they are important.

things that don't piss me off:

this weekend, i met some kind of fantastic people. our magazine, gigantic magazine, has been involved a small nomenclature and turf scuffle to which i have come up with a maybe permanent, maybe temporary solution. we'll see. meanwhile, we are still getting ready to go to print in march for an April 2009 release date. we are still trying to connect our domain to a wordpress page i can't figure out. check back here to read more about the magazine, though, when we have more. production doesn't afford us time to delineate every step of the way, for most of it is not too interesting.

meanwhile, my friend Geoffrey has informed me that there is a movie called Gigantic. you can watch the trailer here. it won a Spirit Award, and is coming out April 3rd, 2009. (yes. i am not kidding.) i say we all go see it together. me, you, us, them.

i saw Kathy Rooney and Kyle Minor read two different places in Brooklyn on Thursday and Friday. Kathy just published a book called Live Nude Girl, and Kyle one called In the Devil's Territory. they're on a 25 city tour across the country promoting their books. the blog of their tour, aptly titled: The Live Nude Girl in the Devil's Territory Tour, keeps track of where they've been, where they will be and, importantly, what they are eating along the way. i was lucky to see them read twice and also lucky to allow myself to purchase both of their books. you should do the same.

all I've spent money on so far this weekend has been books, food and entry to readings. Kathy and Kyle read on friday night at Rose Live Music for the Earshot reading series. there, i acquired a new book of poetry by Ellen Kennedy, scheduled to be published by Muumuu House in March 2009, called sometimes my heart pushes my ribs. i've been reading it, and it's quite good. go get yourself a copy. the Earshot reading was a good experience. before Kathy and Kyle, they had three MFA students read, two poets sandwiching a shortfiction writer.

saturday night, i went to a reading in Williamsburg at this lavishy furnished beautiful apartment, which i am unsure has an official name, but the event on facebook said it was at 'erika's loft'. i was there to see tao lin, my new favorite person in the New York literary scene-- if a sentence like that is allowed. i've heard his name a bunch since a few months ago, when we were both published in The Portable Boog Reader #3, which could be found, for awhile, in random locations scattered about the city, and you can read it here, though, via pdf! jeff laughlin, a poet we are publishing in gigantic magazine, is also in pbr#3. so go read everyone's work! but back to tao lin... please see tao's blog for more information on whatever he is up to because all of it is worth exploring, as far as i've explored so far. i am currently reading a copy of his book, Bed, which i recommend you read, too.

things that kind of piss me off a little:

i am listening to WNYC (New York's NPR). it's fundraising month. please give them money so that they stop telling me to.

things that piss me off:

i didn't get my New York Times yesterday, but i also didn't call them and tell them i didn't get it, so i don't have a physical copy of the book review this week. boo.

i've saved 49 square feet of rainforest on facebook's lilgreenspot application, but i read an article in the Times that we might not need to save the rainforest anymore. shit. i really like sending cartoon plants to people i haven't talked to in person for years. damn.


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